Picking best Medicare Advantage Plan

People who are already enrolled in Medicare then they can enroll themselves in much famous Medicare Advantage Plans till 7th of December.

Study has shown that amount of people who have started to opt for Medicare Advantage plans are increasing day by day. Medicare Advantage plans operate just like conventional health insurance, unlike the Original Medicare. Study has also reported that about thirty-one percent (which makes up around eighteen million of people) of Medicare recipients are enrolled in Medicare Advantage plans in 2016.

If you think that you are satisfied with your current Medicare plan, still it is a recommendation that you should learn about other plans as well by visiting https://www.medicareadvantage2019.org/aarp-medicare-advantage-plans-2019/

Searching for plan

To find health insurance Advantage plan providing companies near your location you can use the health insurance Plan Finder on the Medicare.gov website. The site will ask the user for his prescriptions, and according to that, it will generate the results.

But directly entering the name of your prescriptions can generate such results which might offer a good deal on drugs but they might charge you more regarding hospitalization, and doctor visits (Part A and Part B). Therefore, to get proper results, you can search without entering prescriptions and then search with prescriptions and then compare results to find the right plan.


To know about the costs of a certain plan, you can click on plan’s title, and then on benefits section. It is recommended that you should also look for copays, deductibles, and coinsurance instead of just looking for premiums. It has been seen that plans which have higher deductibles often have lower premiums.

You should especially focus on extent to which different plans perform for the services which you usually use. Therefore, one should never opt for plan which does not serve your needs. In case someone is looking for plans which additionally offer services like hearing, vision, and dental then search for plans which have colored circle which consist of letters D, H, or V.


Choosing right health insurance Advantage scheme has been made very easy with introduction of star-rating system. Star rating of a Medicare Advantage plan represents quality of service of a scheme. Plan with topmost rating consists of five stars. Generally, it is recommended to go for the plan which has a star-rating of 3.5 or more. If one really opts for a 3.5 or more rated scheme then chances are high that he or she will not be disappointed.