SNP and HMO-POS plans of Medicare Advantage

The studies have shown that in the recent years almost half of the enrollees of the Original health insurance have migrated towards the Part C Plans or more commonly known as the health insurance Advantage plans. Aetna is a private insurance providing company which provides Aetna Medicare Advantage plans. You can enroll yourself in the Medicare Advantage plans if you fulfill requirements which are mentioned in “Eligibility criteria”.


Many people will enroll in Medicare Advantage plans in 2019 to help pay deductibles and expenses in Medicare.Fulfillment of following requirements is necessary for a person to enroll himself or herself in the health insurance Advantage plans:

  • The person should already have Medicare Part A and Part B coverage thus pays Part B premium it also (Original Medicare).
  • It is also important that the person should live in an area where provider offers Medicare Advantage scheme because otherwise you will not be able to get the required services.
  • Person should not suffer from End-Stage Renal Disease (Exceptions are offered for some people upon request).

Aetna Medicare Advantage HMO-POS plans

It is a subcategory of Health Maintenance Organization plans, and “pos” term denotes point-of-service. These schemes, unlike HMO plans, offer their members to avail some of healthcare services outside plan provider’s network. However, out-of-pocket costs will increase if you opt for this version. Just as HMO plan you will still need to have a primary care doctor. This scheme is not chosen by a lot of people due to its higher copays and out-of-pocket costs instead majority of the people tend to go for the HMO.

Aetna Medicare Advantage SNP plan

SNP or Special Needs Plan is considered to be plan with most restrictions. It is plan which is offered to people with only certain abilities.  people who can enroll in this plan include:

  • People with chronic conditions such as Diabetes, and End-Stage Renal Disease.
  • Those that live in mental or healthcare institutions permanently.
  • Or people who have both Medicaid and Medicare coverage (dual-eligible).

SNP plan is one of those plans which offer Prescription Drug coverage to its members. Moreover, following characteristics are also possessed by a Medicare Advantage scheme:

  • Just like HMO plan you are required to have a primary care doctor for overlooking your health.
  • Furthermore, referrals are also required to visit specialists.
  • As already discussed SNP plan offers drug coverage.

Therefore,  Medicare Advantage plans are designed to provide coverage for almost all  people whether they are healthy individuals, disabled ones, or  people who are in need.